Monday, March 24, 2014

Heart Stealer 28

Hello All,

Yet another week of some beautiful quilling surfacing all around me and I am so glad that people are trying newer things! This week's winners have done very contrasting & different work!

The first winner is a lovely creation by Elena K, where she makes this BEAUTIFUL flower. Those tiny yellow tight coils are sheer brilliance! I loved them from the word go! And the leaves? Ahhhh! Amazing, amazing and amazing!

The next winner is Shweta Yadav, with her beautiful wall decoration of "FAMILY". Those swirls not only look effortless, they look exotic too.....

Both the winners are free to use the Heart Stealer badge to display on their profiles/blogs......congratulations and all the best for Future work :)

Other beautiful creations of the week gone by :)

Daniela Malcheva

Narmada Banu

Typically, jewellery takes a backseat on this blog but Narmada's work was so beautiful, I had to include it here :)

Debbie Brannen

Aditi Marathe Disa

Quilling Ada

Manuela Koosch

Keep Quilling


Monday, March 17, 2014

Heart Stealer 27 - Saphir & Simona

Hello All,

The world is filled with talented people doing some spectacular quilling and it is a visual and intellectual treat to be compiling them here!

The first winner for the past one week was kind of obvious! :D The amount of patience this lady has is breathtaking. One can't forget her Indian lady easily but she makes another masterpiece, in form of these irises.....and even goes ahead with a tutorial......

The 3 dimensionality of the irises is unmistakable and the artistic mastery, unparallelled! Congrats to Saphir for this wonderful, amazing creation!

The second winner today is another lady, who has been featured here before. It is testimony enough that she is back here.........a winner yet again! This time, she takes cuteness to a completely new level! With this cute ladybird couple, she wins hearts.......or, at least, mine ;)

The winners are free to display the badge on their pages/websites/blogs :)

Congratulations Winners :)

Keep Quilling - Pritesh

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heart Stealer 26

Hello All,

An eternity ago, I stopped writing on this blog, for various reasons. Wondering why won't get me anywhere but picking the thread up will :)

So, here we go, with quilling designs that were REALLY impressive this week. A note to the new visitors, the designs posted here are my picks from the Internet. You can not post your designs here. At the expense of sounding snotty, impress me and you'll be here automatically :)

So, what took my fancy this week? Ahem! Sometimes, simplicity is all it takes to make a tremendous impact. Stefka Beshkovska's "reindeer head" did JUST that! The sheer simplicity of the idea and perfect execution kept me glued! So, here goes the first Heart Stealer 26 winner:

The second one that had me goggling at it is Simona Elena's cute little puppy with a kitten. Simona tends to make really lively portraits using quilling. Her animal portraits need a special mention! :) This lay never seems to stop surprising us :)

Winners, please feel free to display the Heart Stealer Badge on your profile/blog :)

Some other notable ones this week were:

A quilled box by Dana Quilling

Carmelia Caplea's floral arrangement in blue tones

Yet another floral feat by Nelika Beneva

A beautiful floral arrnagement by Sweet Lana

Very cute gift envelopes by Manjit Kaur BHalla

Some uber pretty shagun envelopes by Vidushi Rampuria

A veryyyyyyyyyyy cute (and trademark) card by Cheryl :)

Such a pretty shuttered card by Noor Azlina

A very pretty wedding signage by Miyyah

A happy Webbie (or so I remember her name is) by Larissa

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heart Stealer 25

Hello All,

In the middle of all the Aadyaa rush, here are my picks for a quarter century of Heart Stealer Quilling designs :) The first winner is so seasoned a player at quilling that I needn't even mention anything about her prowess with the quill (oh my my, what phraseology :D).......

The first winner is Baukje from the country of dykes, who has kept me mesmerized with her creations for months on end. She has won the Heart Stealer before but this time, she bowls me over with the delicateness and elegance of her very Victorian pattern quilled tea-cup and saucer......with a spoon to go along :)

The second winner is no newbie to quilling either. His quilled Dutch windmill left not just me, but everyone spellbound. This time, Harold Nieuwenhuis is back with a Steam Engine, of all things! :) And what a steam engine :)

Winners, please feel free to grab your Heart Stealer Quilling Designs badge and display it on your FB Wall/Blog :) Congratulations Baukje and Harold :)

So, from the fragile Victorian tea-cup to a steam releasing locomotive, from Holland to USA, the only boundary quilling knows is that of your imagination.......let it loose, let us quill, let us be creative.....

Happy Quilling

Friday, January 18, 2013

Heart Stealer 24

Hello All,

After literally an eternity, I am back! Sorry for this break but Aadyaa Originals has been keeping me on my toes (and MORE!)..........

The heart stealers this week just truly deserve every bit of applause coming their way! The first winner is:

Bistra Toneva with her fiery lion! I don't think words are needed to let you know why :) The ferocity of the lion says it all!!!!!

The second winner this week is Lekha Justin's mindblowing symmetric design:

Winners, please feel free to grab the Heart Stealer badge and display it in your blog/FB profile :)

I wish I had the time to list out all the phenomenal works done by various people but I promise I will do better the next time round :)

Best wishes and keep the spectacular quilling coming :)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heart Stealer 23

Hello All,

Apologies in abundance for disappearing for an eternity but it was sure a hectic time. I have been, however, keeping in touch with what's happening in the quilling world.........and here are my Heart Stealers for this week:

Yasmin Hagalwadi for her eye-poppingly good name plate. The beautiful riot of colours makes you stop dead in your tracks and say - Ooh la la, Yasmin, you rock! :) What a stunner of a piece really :)

And: Gordana Mudri's AWESOME antique book box. I didn't even realize in the first glance that it was NOT a book! Kudos Gordana, for creating such a beautiful box, the gilding is perfect and it looks absolutely like a box from the outside! :)

Congratulations winners! Feel free to display the Heart Stealer winner badge in your blog/FB profiles.......and thanks for spreading beauty around :)

Love - Pritesh

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heart Stealer 22

Hello All,

This week's Heart Stealer is equally distributed between hard-work and path-breaking concept! I was away for 2 weeks (a mad hectic time!) but am back to be WOWED by the work the quillers are doing all around the world!!!!!!!

The first Heart Stealer this work is:

Darshana Savla's ASTONISHING work with birds and flowers and leaves...........I was nearly knocked out after that! I'll leave the rest to the image to explain for itself!!!!

And the second is:

Madalina Dirdara's "dual face" mask that she calls Tragicomedy mask! Been a while since I saw something THIS creative!

Winners, please feel free to grab the Heart Stealer badge and display is on your blog/FB page

Other notable creations this week:

A beautiful sunflower ornament by Aurelia :)

A super cute dolphin by Szalonaisa

A beautiful quilled ketubah by Ann Martin

A very cute Kissmas card by Szalonaisa

A pretty Welcome by Chaukhangshop Quilling and a quilled crown too

A cute quilled shop by Faeza

A pretty clock by Shaad Mani

Beautiful lilies by Hemlata

A pretty pair by Pratyusha

A pretty quilled jewellery box by Neha Somani

Paula's blue dragon

Beautiful frames by Aoncioaie Monica

A subtly beautiful card by Tatyana

A pretty shagun envelope by Isha Tripathi

A beautiful card by Rohan

Smita's beautiful Yin Yang like black white creation

A beautiful frame by Crafting Paradise

Priyanka's Itsy Bitsy challenge winning tricolour card

Yet another amazing creation (from our last Heart Stealer winner) Rajni

Another MIND BLOWING creation by Darshana Savla

Lavina's super cute animal train frame

Smita's welcome to Autumn

Anastasia's Anniversary card