Friday, December 23, 2011

Heart Stealer 5

Hello All,

And I am back with my Heart Stealer Quilling Design, Edition 5! Today's post happens at almost noon (instead of my regular 3 pm because today is HALF DAY!!!!!) I am off for some Christmas craft shopping now! :)

The first winner of this edition made me think of this quote:

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat”

She took up something and worked at it until it looked near perfect! And well, as we all know from her quilling history, she is perfection defined. So, the first winner is: Suganthi Mohan with her quilled Hanuman!

The other one that made me go Wow with the thumbnail itself is Baukje's wonderful Frame Art. The magiv of just black and white is unleashed in this creation and Baukje does it yet again, in total elegance (I would say that is her trademark!)........

The other designs that impressed me this week are, Kavitha's quilled As and B, Sharmin Shiraz's photo frame (such lovely flowers), Pallavi Rastogi's photo frame (such lovely blue flowers), Gea's exploding box (loved those little butterflies!), lovely quilled dandelions by Gea again, Suzana's AWESOME sunflower and its story (I'm sorry Suzana, I would's loved to award this one again but I want to award to others too :)), Hitesh Somani's lovely Christmas gift frame, Philippa's quilled Ks for my challenge (they are ALL awesome Philippa!), Preethu's lovely floral frame art, Sarah's awesome Christmas ornaments, Natasha's quilled monograms, Nati's wonderful Christmas wreath, Vidushi's lovely treasure box, Jane Jenkins' sprout (I hope Josie will at least eat sprouts if not love them after this lovely creation! :D), Anastasia's New Year Greeting.....

Winners can feel free to use the badge on their blogs, if they like. CONGRATULATIONS! I hope to be able to see creativity flowing in all places! :)

Happy Quilling


Friday, December 16, 2011

Heart Stealer 4

Hello All,

This has been a week of smiles for me! Such cute creations from quillers all over the world! I must say, my work of choosing 2 designs every 7 days is getting harder and harder! :) But THAT is the good thing about all of you, you just outdo yourself with ideas that just make me want to sit back and revel in the creativity abound! :)

This week saw some really amazing creations: Megha's cute little K,going for a walK, Aditi's lovely rainbow earrings, Ingrid's impeccable roses, Mais Mehsen's 'nearly edible' chocolates, Aditya's Love to Australia card, Preethu's parrots with mehndi designs, Katarzyna's snowflake earrings, Susan's lovely two tone beehive earrings, Aditi's awesome Peruvian quilling earrings..........I could go on and on!!!!!!

But the winners of Heart Stealer Design 4 are:

Suzana's cute little 2012.

The numbers all do what Suzana would like to do in the coming year and the execution, in terms of quilling, is sheer perfection! Just looking at that made me smile all day! :) I feel so small giving Suzana any award because she just is SO good but then, as I maintain, a girl must do what a girl must do :)

And Szalonaisa's awesome little gift kitty :)

Every single time Szalonaisa posts a card and I get a small thumbnail, I refuse to look at the thumbnail because I know that the image WILL make me laugh! I always save the card for viewing after I come home! :) With this card, she strikes absolute brilliance. The lovely little mouse with a Santa cap bigger than its size is a heart stealer, for sure!

Congratulations Suzana and Szalonaisa :)

Feel free to add the following image to your blog (and link back to this post):

Happy Quilling


Friday, December 9, 2011

Heart Stealer 3

Hello All,

This, in my opinion, has been one of the most exciting weeks in the Quilling World recently!!!! I have seen so many phenomenal things happening! And sure enough, it WAS a difficult decision this week - deciding my Heart Stealer Designs. While there was a lovely Christmas greeting designed by Anastasia, an awesome kolam by Suganthi, beautiful snowmen by Suzana, a wonderful fox by Leesandra, a very vintage beehived pendant by Philippa, lovely cards by ace quiller Inna, lovely orchids by Preethu, an absolutely mind-blowing Christmas explosion box by Natilde and a yummy quilled treat by Kate, I had to pick two winners who stole my heart this week! It's a week of winners who invented, winners who have contributed to Quilling by being the ones who show new paths! :)

The first winner (in chronological order) is Tri Puji Lestari with her triple-teardrop petal flowers (I don't know what she calls them but they look like 3 teardrops to me) :) The sheer simplicity of the petals and the striking effect they have, in the below image, should explain to you why they win! :) She tells me that it took 2 hours for her to make one flower (and me thinks, the effort shows!)

She was kind enough to post a photo-tutorial for it (explained underneath)

And the second winner this week HAS TO BE Susan, with her beehive technique (which has been driving me nuts ever since I lay my eyes on it!). Not only did she invent the method, she also came up with lovely jewellery using the same! :) I would like to mention that a similar technique was used by Nur in her butterfly project. Susan's is a continuous strip technique whereas Nur's is a double curl technique, using smaller strips of paper

Congratulations dear winners and please feel free to display the winner badge on your page(s) :)

Happy Quilling



Tri Puji's Lestari's photo tutorial

Susan's beehive technique tutorial

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heart Stealer 2

Hello All,

This week's Heart Stealer Design award winners are:

Sathya Kala (congratulations!) for this design:

I liked the balance of blue and purples in the design and the fact that the colours are so subtle and yet, effectively used :)

And Sajidha Faizal (congratulations!) for this one:

The first things that came to my mind when I saw Sajidha's design was, balance. The colours suit really well and the overall design has a nice balance :)

Here, ladies, take your Heart Stealer Design badge here :)

Happy Quilling