Friday, December 16, 2011

Heart Stealer 4

Hello All,

This has been a week of smiles for me! Such cute creations from quillers all over the world! I must say, my work of choosing 2 designs every 7 days is getting harder and harder! :) But THAT is the good thing about all of you, you just outdo yourself with ideas that just make me want to sit back and revel in the creativity abound! :)

This week saw some really amazing creations: Megha's cute little K,going for a walK, Aditi's lovely rainbow earrings, Ingrid's impeccable roses, Mais Mehsen's 'nearly edible' chocolates, Aditya's Love to Australia card, Preethu's parrots with mehndi designs, Katarzyna's snowflake earrings, Susan's lovely two tone beehive earrings, Aditi's awesome Peruvian quilling earrings..........I could go on and on!!!!!!

But the winners of Heart Stealer Design 4 are:

Suzana's cute little 2012.

The numbers all do what Suzana would like to do in the coming year and the execution, in terms of quilling, is sheer perfection! Just looking at that made me smile all day! :) I feel so small giving Suzana any award because she just is SO good but then, as I maintain, a girl must do what a girl must do :)

And Szalonaisa's awesome little gift kitty :)

Every single time Szalonaisa posts a card and I get a small thumbnail, I refuse to look at the thumbnail because I know that the image WILL make me laugh! I always save the card for viewing after I come home! :) With this card, she strikes absolute brilliance. The lovely little mouse with a Santa cap bigger than its size is a heart stealer, for sure!

Congratulations Suzana and Szalonaisa :)

Feel free to add the following image to your blog (and link back to this post):

Happy Quilling



Szalonaisa said...

Thanks Pritesh :) I didn't know that you must look at my cards only at home :P But this is VERY nice!!!

~ a paper {life} said...

very very deserving. These are two of my most favourite quillers.

SUSAN said...

absolutely the right decision, Pritesh to choice both of these as be the winners. I love their great idea so much. These are so cute...amazing.

Congrats for the winners, so happy for you.

and thank you so much for mention my quilled jewelery set too, Pritesh


Сузана Илић said...

Thank you, Pritesh! I'm happy that my card made you smile and am very flattered for giving me an award knoing how big is the competition.

I like Szalonaisa's blog, she has that kind of quilling I like a lot.

I wish you, Cheryl, Susan, Isa and all of you happy new year!


Nati said...

Very creative!!!

Rae said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. I do not know how to quill, but I will certainly be back to see more of your awe inspiring creations!

Helen said...

The kitty is so cute! Love the red hat.

Lori said...

So enjoyed looking through your blog. I am fascinated with quilling and would love to learn!

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Thank you all and a HUGE congratulations to Szalonaisa and Suzana :)

Lisa West said...

yes, little gift kitty is just adorable. Looks like alot of fun!