Friday, January 13, 2012

Heart Stealer 7

Hello All,

This has been one of the toughest weeks for me in deciding who wins the Heart Stealer 7!!!!

My Goodness, quilling world is on a roll! But well, here are my picks for this week..............

Anastasia has the knack for taking up the most unusual projects! And every time she picks up the quilling tool, I go WOW! This time, she completely bowled me over with this SUPER unusual design, wood carving patterns represented by quilling. In the first look, I assumed them to be wood, thanks to the amazing earthy colour choice! :) Anastasia, we are ALL your fans! :)

And Vilma's hyper amazing snowflakes!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Not only Vilma quills perfectly, she even takes perfect pictures! The setting for the flakes is so breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!! And needless to say, she knocks the air out of you with her perfect quilling! :)

Winners, please feel free to display the badge on your blogs :)

Some other noteworthy designs this week were:

Inna's SUPER AMAZING housewarming gift to her parent (and the beautiful clarity with which she explains the project and its making)
Nupur's simply outstanding Valentine's day cards
Katarzyna's awesome honeybee earrings
Tom Zem's wonder "snack basket"
Amal's frame art
Hoba Koreim's frame art
An AWESOME quilling painting by Baukje
Some stunning new cards by Dymphina
A simple yet wonderful 'guy' card by Cheryl
A lovely googly-eyed flower card by Quill Centre
An ultra elegant card by Irina
A stunner of a card by Nelika
Yet another heart-tugging cute card by Szalonaisa and her non-traditional Owl Always Love You card,
Luz Haydee Manco Salazar's wonderfully cute creation
Anastasia's Dora, the explorer
Leesandra's super sweet destresser desserts
Nati's love-birds
A brilliant skier card by Cheryl
A wonderful new flower design by Nur
An almost ready-to-bloom white and yellow flower by Mihaela
An uber-beautiful design by Katrin
A beautiful fan by Ioan Martisor
A beautiful frame art by Kavita Bagul
Some CUTEST hearts by Cristina
An oh-so-romantic and simple card by Indira
Phuong Duy's yet unfinished but still stunning dragon
Philippa's continued use of beehive quilling in some amazing ways
Elena's wonderful lilies and dragon
Beautiful quilled lettering by Cristina

Happy Quilling



Anastasia (Annie) said...

Wow!! Pritish, what can I say? I am so suprised at this. Thanks fo the lovely compliment. I am flattered. Thanks again for making me a winner & hope you have a wonderful vacation :) said...

Oh, what a surprise! Thank you very much, Pritesh! Your compliments are so inspiring. Congratulations to Anastasia too :)

chillin with Quillin said...

Wow ,congrats Anastasia!!!!!

kiddo said...

Congrats, Anastasia! Your quilling is always amazing! And thank you very much, Pritesh, for mentioning my card! Very happy you love it!

SUSAN said...

Congrats to the winners. So pround both of you...
All creations of quiller are amazed me too. Congrats for all of you, friends....:)

Pritesh, I am so sorry that have missed all your challenges and It's so long long time I am not posting and create anything...I am not very well for now.

love and hugs,

SUSAN said...

Congrats for the proud both of you.

All quilled creations for this week are amazed me too...adorable

I'm so sorry Pritesh, I missed all your challenges and can't posting my creations for a while, I am not very well.
But I'll try to join on your valentine challenge.

love and big hugs,

snehal watwe welde said...

Omg are they real?they look dreamlike absolutely.

aureliaeugenia said...

Amazing new blog !
I hope one day,you'll like one of my creations so much to name it on this spectacular list.