Friday, January 20, 2012

Heart Stealer 8

Hello All,

And here concludes yet another delightful week of quilling............I am amazed at the amount of creativity that quillers display! It is such a visual treat to go through the creations of quillers form around the world. The creations drip passion and I revel in the thoroughness, the perfection, the beauty of the creations....

For this week's heart stealer, the choice really was tough! All the more because I could feel the pressure of not being able to post Heart Stealer 9 for a long time. After my move is complete, I will get back to scouring the Internet for wonderful patterns for my heart stealer badge :)

So, here are the winners this week.......................

The first winner is capable of making my eyes want to pop out and roll under the table! She is perfection defined! Her creations are always so fairy tale like and when she took up the challenge of making two merging hearts, she gave it such a twist! And here goes..........this week's Heart stealer......Congratulations Larissa!

The second winner this week is someone who came to the quilling scene and wowed everyone with her intricate work! The attention to the tiniest of details makes her work so this week's second winner is Nupur whose explosion box is sure to make everyone whistle out loud!!!! Check those little balloons and the strips that go around the cake to gather at the top! WONDERFUL work Nupur and congratulations!

Some other terrific creations this week were:

Baukje's wonderful quilled hen
Sarah's lovely birthday card
Philippa's lovely 'inside the box' thinking
Suganthi's neat and wonderful Pongal wish
Szalonaisa's oh-so-cute Dragon card (with the dragon ACTUALLY breathing fire! :D)
A cute Chinese new year wish by Lulu
Chery's lovely quilled family
Vilma's wonderful beehive earrings
Suzana's Breakfast in London
A cuuuuuuuute little Hello Kitty by Nicoleta
Annie's heavenly quilled Pisces
And yet another quilled Pisces, this time by Larissa
Bela's beautiful quilled Ganesh, and anniversary card
Vidushi's beautiful envelopes
An unconventional Valentine's day card by Smita
A wonderful flower bouquet by Tri Puji Lestari

Do fall in love and stay there! :)

So long............Pritesh


PMT~ Meg said...

What a wonderful idea this is to encourage quilling, Pritesh! Such a goood idea to list all of the 'contenders', not only the winning entry.
Good luck with your move. Meg Crawford ~ Polly & Meg's Treasures

Pritesh Dagur said...

Thank you so much Meg! I certainly enjoy browsing the Quilling World and seeing such stunning creativity all around :)

Szalonaisa said...

Amazing creations. Thanks for showing them to the world :)

chillin with Quillin said...

Both are awesome works, thanks for sharing!!!!

aureliaeugenia said...

Awesome creations!!!

Nupur Priya said...

Thank you so much Pritesh for all the compliments and choosing my creation for the Heart Stealer 8....
And congratulations Larissa... your owls are so amazing and adorable... :)

SUSAN said...

Wonderful and congrats for the winners...


Szalonaisa said...

Hi Pritesh,
I think this blog deserves the liebster blog award :)

Pritesh Dagur said...

Thanks so much Szalonaisa :)

Antonella said...

Wow! You picked such beautiful wonders!!! Hugs, antonella :-)