Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heart Stealer 9

Hello All,

Oh well, not after one but two months, I am back with the Heart Stealer Award for quilling! It has been a LONG break but trust me, I had all valid reasons for not being able to post anything here. There was this big relocation to India and then, settling down and of course, the illnesses that followed. But we are all hale and hearty now.

This week, there were two very striking designs that I just HAD TO give this award to. And I am glad that Ihave a mix of a newbie and a veteran here, sharing this award. The first is a lady whose quilling is so characteristic that you look at it and you know it's hers (at least, I can make out in one look!). The second is a guy (Oh yes, men are doing wonders in an otherwise female domain now!!!) who I can say I've watched grow right under my eyes. He started off with some small cards etc but now, he is making full blown projects and creating ripples in the quilling world! So, please put your hands together for this week's winners: Miyyah and Aditya Khaitan :)

Here are the winner creations:

Miyyah's orchids look like they can be plucked and tucked behind your ear for that lovely beach party! Her blog is so full of amazing creations, it's like diving into art and coming out all soaked in beauty! :) Aditya, a young Bachelors' student, has a page to his credit already and dreams of spreading Art all over. This particular wedding gift knocked me out and made me look many times at it :)

I wish I had the time to list all the other noteworthy creations this week but I am really swamped with orders for now. I sure will edit this post as soon as I get time, so feel free to come back and look at news from the Quilling World :)

Winners, please feel free to grab the badge and display it on your page/blog :)

Adieu (and hoping I will post Heart Stealer posts regularly now)



Giftarts said...

congratulations Miyyah & Aditya...
I agree with pritesh.. Aditya's creation made me look at it a number of times... its simply beautiful....

Miyyah said...

Thank you Pritesh for the award. Really appreciate it! :)