Friday, April 13, 2012

Heart Stealer 12

Hello All,

I apologize for skipping a week but it has been a little loaded with my Venetian mask project nearing completion and yet another donkey-work-intensive project on its way. But here I am, with Heart Stealer Edition 12 :)

It was, once again, a week filled with dilemma. Quilling related to Easter almost flooded the Internet and with spring sneaking in on most people, I saw lots and lots of flowers, birds, berries etc. But my picks for Heart Stealer this week are:

Sarah Yakawonis' May Day project (what perfect text, I couldn't even make out initially that it was quilled!!!) and Radu Nicoleta Andronache's quilled Easter eggs (love that touch of flowers on the eggs, so bright and cheerful)......

Winners, please feel free to grab your Heart Stealer badge :)

Other notable creations this week:

Neha Somani's card with beautiful fringed flowers and buds
A spooky ant and a bunch of happy bunnies by Gra├ža Borges
Camarasan Stefania's lovely flowers and leaves
Some absolutely gorgeous creations by Nupur
The Smurfs by Pratyusha
Ala Yasin's uber-cute Bird Cottage and lovely quilled box
Lekha Justin's oh-so-summery berries and grapes
Indira's Quilled hanging (now, your muesli bottle's lid has never-seen-before uses)

Happy Quilling :)



Lekha justin said...

wow..nice eggs..!! and thank u so much for the selection of my work...

wish u a very happy Vishu..

Szalonaisa said...

What an eggs :D