Thursday, April 19, 2012

Heart Stealer 13

Hello All,

Friday, the 13th! Bu ha ha ha! :D I have not seen the movies but I know they are damn spooky! Anyway, time for my Heart Stealer award for today. The two winners this time were such obvious ones for me, this has to be the week I struggled the least for awarding!

The first winner is no stranger to most quilling circles. She picks up the most unusual objects and turns them to quilled beauties! This week, she has been knocking me off with her insect series. Trust me, after seeing her work, I've been ogling insect photos for hours at a stretch! I am as it is too fond of arachnids, she is making me drool over them now! :D So, please join your hands for Sheila Burcul, my first Heart Stealer 13 Winner :) Her creation, Quilled adaptation of Giant Ichneumon Wasp, was a hands-down winner rightaway! I love this one Sheila!!!!!

I can almost see the wings flutter and the tiny thing flying away! Very very ingeniously done and perfectly executed! Sheila, you rock!

The second winner picked up a picture that so reminded me of the movie "Up". I couldn't help but take a flight of fantasy to balloon-land when I saw her creation. So, hands together for the second winner this week - Madalina Coupila :)

Some other notable creations this week:

Fernanda Lozano;s Christmas folks
Anastasia's optical illusion :)
Anastasia's quilled dove
Pramod Jitani's temple
Joy Crockett's card :)
Amy Crafts's Easter wreath
Veena Naik's house-warming gift
Susan's TERRIFIC white and black earrings
Josie Jenkins' Scorpion
Sheila Burcul's Australia St. Andrews' Spider
Heidi Bishop's spring card
Heidi Bishop's "punched all over the page" card
Ala M. Yasin's 3D dolphin
Aditi's super lovely earrings
Nehal Yousuf's wonderful quilled jewellery
Natilde's husked flowers
Maria Schiop's beautiful frame


PMT~ Meg said...

I love both of these creations. The wings on Sheila's wasp are incredibly realistic, as is the whole body for that matter.
And Madalina's hot air balloon is the best I've ever seen. The vibrant colours make it such a standout.
Thanks for encouraging quilling in this way, Pritesh.

Quilltique Paradise said...

Wow..Thank you alot Pritesh..I never expected to see any of my works here.Actually I don.t expect my work to be anywhere rn.I still have lots to learn but.. it.s such an honour to know that you liked it.

Thank you alot for sharing mine and others work . I love this blog. Through this I find such great inspiration. It was you that welcomed me into Sheila's world actually a few days ago. Thank you.


SUSAN said...

Congratsssss....Both are amazing creations


Nati said...


Baukje said...

so beautiful I love your work!
Greetings Baukje