Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heart Stealer 14

Hello All,

This truly was a week filled with difficulty in deciding whom to award the Heart Stealer 14 to! There was so much of fantastic work done  by so many people, I had a TOUGH time deciding! The post is delayed by two days as I have literally been on my toes for past 3-4 days! It has been madness but I finally did have a relaxing Sunday :)

So, here are my picks for this week:

The first winner is a (supposed) newbie but she so completely wowed my by the quality of her first creation that now I am truly looking forward to more of her work.......put your hands together for Purvi Verma Saini. Her floral arrangement is such excellent quality work that I am sure she's in the fast lane to fame :)

The second winner for this week is no stranger to the quilling world. With her initiative for organizing the first ever quilling national swap in India, she is also a vastly popular name on Facebook! So, here is my second winner: Gopi Shah! Congratulations Gopi! Your Japanese fan with outstanding adornment knocked the breath out of me the moment I set my eyes on it! Wonderful job!

Winners, please feel free to display the award in your FB page(s) and/or blogs :)

The other notable creations this wee are:

 Camile Eoli's magician
Candace Sturgill's Japanese fan

Pramod Jitani's Quilling
Cristina's butterfly
Trupti's candle holders
Rashida's quilled envelope
Smita Satish's wall hanging
Sajidha Faizal's flower bed
Alexandru Ursan's floral arrangement
Mona Jain's beautiful frame
Nehal Yousuf's lovely flowers
The prettiest cage ever by Румяна Борисова
Paula's smiling bunch
Tri Puji's tree
Candace Sturgill's wrought iron creation
Maritza Burbuja Laboy's lovely crimped quilled jewellery
Namizam Muda's lovely quilled lettering
Alysiane's gorgeous card
Lekha's floral arrangement
Alexandru Ursan's Shadow box frame
Sonal Samir's ice-cream parlour
Shirin Akbany's wonderful card

Happy Quilling, till the next time, Ciao :)



Giftarts said...

hey Thank you so much Pritesh for all yr introduction and appreciations...
Also Congratulations Purvi....

Creative Thinker said...

Wow!Both works are beautiful!! Congrats to winners.Thanks pritesh,for selecting my work in your list.:)

Creative Thinker said...

Wow!Both works are beautiful!! Congrats to winners.Thanks pritesh,for selecting my work in your list.:)

Szalonaisa said...

As always, wonderful finds!

Purvi said...

I am way too late in expressing my gratitude for this appreciation...I completely missed it as I wasn't very active in the blogosphere for past couple of weeks and today also i simply stumbled upon this while browsing your Facebook photos
anyways better late then never :)
thank you so much for all the sweet words and yes this definitely is my first work. I have been googling quilling for ages now and only now I have found sufficient time and inspiration to play with it. I am glad that a seasoned quiller like yourself have found my work to be of good quality :) :)

Thanks once again :)
By the way all your creations and tutorials have really helped me put my game together :)

neha said...

hi i m new to quilling i have done some work how to post it here?