Thursday, May 10, 2012

Heart Stealer 16

Hello All,

(I should stop saying this but....) Yet another super-quick post for awarding my Heart Stealer has been a manic time with all the workshops and workload.........

My picks for this week are:

Shelly's HYPER AMAZING quilled Elvis Presley


Super AWESOME tulips by Nhi Nguyen

Winners, please feel free to grab the Heart Stealer image and display on your blog/FB page

Other notable creations this week:

Hitesh Kanwar's lovely fringed flowers
Lekha Jain's Beehive earrings
Fernanda Lozano's afternoon tea
Lekha Jain's quilled JOY
Nupur's cute and creative gift boxes and super beautiful flourishes card
Fernanda Lozano's cute little Lolita
Indira's beeeeeeautiful Mother's Day card
Aditya Khaitan's lovely Anniversary card
Smita's lovely reverse quilling card
Heidi Bishop's trademark style Thank You card
Sarah Yakawonis' lovely pink border (I am a fan!)
Lekha Justin's absolutely delightful Laurus Cassia arrangement
Natilde's beautiful Mother's Day cards
Vaishali Rege's "Creative Path" nameplate for her classes
Ala Yasin's beautiful flowers, cuuuuute giraffe and beautiful night-and-day photo frame
Nur's lovely lovely Graduation Card  and kidney petal flowers
Mansi Gupta Sharma's beautiful Anniversary Card
Anna Sojanne's beautiful hand with roses
Amna's ready-to-devour quilled cakes
Laura's minimalistic yet lovely card

A special note: Please do watch this video by Meg Crawford for using a NIT comb as a quilling tool! :) I'm proud of you Meg :)

Keep quilling and keep smiling


Friday, May 4, 2012

Heart Stealer 15

Hello All,

A hyper quick post to announce my Heart Stealer 15 award winners here:

Aarti Dawar's quilled frame


Stephanie Djun's Venetian mask 

Congratulations Aarti and Stephanie! :) Please feel free to grab the the Heart Stealer badge and keep up the good work

Some other favourites from this week:

Pramod Jitani's peacock
Preksha Punamia's rock band
Wedding bouquet by Quilling Shop
Cristina's bugs
Michelle Allen's fancy butterflies

Apologies for such a flying post and I hope I will have some relaxed time soon!

Happy Quilling