Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heart Stealer 20

Hello All,

This was again a difficult week for me, so many wonderful creations but I had to pick two winners and I chose the ones whose page I literally haunted after they were through with posting their creations! :) So, here are the Heart Stealer 20 winners: Shradha Kulkarni & Rajni Chawla

Shradha Kulkaarni's Facebook page, Allure Designs and Craft, is full of awesome beauties but with this frame (in my favourite colour combination), she simply took my breath away!

Rajni Chawla's no stranger to craft and her versatility with different media is apparent from her collection of photos. With her gorgeously furnished cash box, I lost my heart and she won the Heart Stealer 20 :)

Winners, please feel free to display the winner badge on your page(s)/Blog :)

Some other creations that made me smile with their beauty this week are:

Pixie Quilling's portrait
Kamani Devivan's Yin-Yang Card
Shradha Kulkarni's anthurium collection
Sajidha's lovely Eid card
Manuela Koosch's lovely and perfect cherry blossoms
Vaishali Rege's beautiful flower assembly
Madalina Dirdara's quilled LOVE
Roopa Prakash's beautiful earrings
Anastasia Wahalatantiri's wonderful sports concept quilling - Athena with the Olympic torch
Heppicraft Paper Quilling's rockstar pair
Sisi's beautiful sunflowers
Michelle's cute black and white design
Neha Somani's cute wedding aisle
Jyoti Agarwal's beautiful blue card
Lekha Jain's beautiful jewellery box piece
Rajni Chawla's lovely marriage gift box and a VERY pastel, VERY gorgeous frame

So, till next week...............ciao :)

Happy Quilling


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heart Stealer 19

Hello All,

The heart stealers this week are a lovely motley mix...........a lady who has been around for as long as my quiller life has lasted and someone who recently became highly visible on the quilling scene (I wish I knew how long she has been quilling for). One is famous for her awesome Wedding Guest Books and the other, for selflessly filtering the Internet searches for the best of quilling work, sharing it with us all. So, put your hands together for the Heart Stealer winners this week: Asma Ahmad Bahari and Alysiane France Depo and the winning creations are Asmas's beautifully simple but no less striking wedding guest book and Alysiane's super-adorable B'day card for her daughter:

Some other creations that caught my eye this week are:

Sisi Dobrikova Munaem's purple card
Shanida Sajid's Ramadan card
Maitri's ogling owl pendant (it truly made me laugh)
Sorina's cute kitties
Luz Haydee's awesome little cook
Anastasia's quilled Kandy perehara
Meg's beautifully quilled and stamped card
The latest additions to Cristina's lovely quilled jewellery album
Gordana Mudri's beautiful jewellery
Aditi's perfectly executed Om
A beautiful quilled Jesus and Mary by Paula

Friday, July 13, 2012

Heart Stealer 18

Hello All,

After a long break, I am back with the Heart Stealer award. This week was a week of patience and innovation and here are my picks :)

The first Heart Stealer is Hitesh Kanwar's SUPER patient work with God-Only-Knows-How-Many roses

and second is Susan's WONDERFUL anniversary card with the prettiest quilled bride I've ever set my eyes on.........

I don't think Susan needs an introduction at all! Known to the quilling world for her perfect-quilling and even better colouring, Susan was the one who introduced beehive to all of us and I can claim easily that it's my favourite filling technique ever since :)

Congratulations winners! :)

Please feel free to grab the Heart Stealer image and display in on your blog/page :)

Some other notable creations this week are:

Ala M Yasin's ultra-cute whale :)
Szalonaisa's super-cute hamsters
Sarah's Yakawonis' "too much of a good thing" quote!
One of the most elegant cards I've ever seen by Mihaela
A pretty card by Dicas Quilling
Kamani Devivan's lovely flower collection
A bunch of awesome flowers by Roxana Linte
A beautiful dancer by Melodee Fernandes

Although too late to be for Heart Stealer winner, the corner bookmark by Manuela Koosch one HAD TO BE mentioned! Manu, this is just AWESOME!

Happy Quilling