Friday, August 3, 2012

Heart Stealer 21

Hello All,

I can't remember the last time I had such a tough time choosing the Heart Stealer. I am amazed at all the barriers the quillers are shattering to pieces and coming up with some innovative ideas! Go Quillers Go!

This time's winners are two creations that kind of got me hooked. I looked, looked again, looked yet again and kept looking until I thought my eyes would pop out and roll under my table! :D So, put your hands together for Cheryl Scanks' gracious little lady and Pallavi Rastogi's quilled maze (boy, did she knock me out!!!!!)..........

Cheryl's lovely little lady ElephanTINA :)

Pallavi Rastogi's absolutely outstanding idea of a quilled maze

Winners, please feel free to grab and display the Heart Stealer badge on your page/blog :)

Some other notable creations this week (I've decided to include images to save you the work of going to each link and looking at the images)

Anuradha Ganesan's beautiful peacock

A spooky yet beautiful quilled "eye" by Cristina

Neelam Arts and Crafts' quilled name plate

Farah Al-Fardh's Eiffel Towers :)

Suganthi's super elegant B'day card

Asma's beautiful Wedding Guest Book

Tri Puji's lovely Home Sweet Home

Luz Haydee's cutest monkey

Szalonaisa's cute little crawling baby card

Paula's quilled angel

Natilde's ultra-cute quilled 3D babies

Baukje's beautiful greeting card

Katrin's perfection at quilling an ice-cream that threatens to melt all over the page

Sarah was in her element with this poster

Larissa's good-enough-to-eat fruits

A remarkable cardby Kamani Devivan

The super cute angel by Stephanie

A lovely and elegant card by Bearkis


Szalonaisa said...

Congrats, to the winners. ElephanTINA is Gorgeous!! and the maze is amazing!
Thank you Pritesh :)

chillin with Quillin said...

congrats to the winners, awesome works of art!!!

Quilltique Paradise said...

I gotta admit..ElephanTina looks amazing~ I just can't stop starring..and I'm jealous that I can't make 3d quilling at all~ oh well.Amazing work.
I gotta say though the quilled maze is astonishing too. Why didn.t i think of this before??It's genious~ heheh.

The other works are beautiful too. I think its a great idea to include photos as well.~ I see Paula's incredible angel there too..and I gotta admit that Neelam Arts and Crafts's name plate is beautiful as well as Asma's Wedding Guest Book~ Also Larisa's Fruits look amazingly good:)) and the 3d angel it's such a cutie. ohhh..u picked some amazing work~


~ a paper {life} said...

How did I miss this.....thanks sooooo much Pritesh. I can not believe the response my little creation has had.

and best of all, I loved making her

what an great group of quillers to be in.