Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heart Stealer 22

Hello All,

This week's Heart Stealer is equally distributed between hard-work and path-breaking concept! I was away for 2 weeks (a mad hectic time!) but am back to be WOWED by the work the quillers are doing all around the world!!!!!!!

The first Heart Stealer this work is:

Darshana Savla's ASTONISHING work with birds and flowers and leaves...........I was nearly knocked out after that! I'll leave the rest to the image to explain for itself!!!!

And the second is:

Madalina Dirdara's "dual face" mask that she calls Tragicomedy mask! Been a while since I saw something THIS creative!

Winners, please feel free to grab the Heart Stealer badge and display is on your blog/FB page

Other notable creations this week:

A beautiful sunflower ornament by Aurelia :)

A super cute dolphin by Szalonaisa

A beautiful quilled ketubah by Ann Martin

A very cute Kissmas card by Szalonaisa

A pretty Welcome by Chaukhangshop Quilling and a quilled crown too

A cute quilled shop by Faeza

A pretty clock by Shaad Mani

Beautiful lilies by Hemlata

A pretty pair by Pratyusha

A pretty quilled jewellery box by Neha Somani

Paula's blue dragon

Beautiful frames by Aoncioaie Monica

A subtly beautiful card by Tatyana

A pretty shagun envelope by Isha Tripathi

A beautiful card by Rohan

Smita's beautiful Yin Yang like black white creation

A beautiful frame by Crafting Paradise

Priyanka's Itsy Bitsy challenge winning tricolour card

Yet another amazing creation (from our last Heart Stealer winner) Rajni

Another MIND BLOWING creation by Darshana Savla

Lavina's super cute animal train frame

Smita's welcome to Autumn

Anastasia's Anniversary card