Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heart Stealer 23

Hello All,

Apologies in abundance for disappearing for an eternity but it was sure a hectic time. I have been, however, keeping in touch with what's happening in the quilling world.........and here are my Heart Stealers for this week:

Yasmin Hagalwadi for her eye-poppingly good name plate. The beautiful riot of colours makes you stop dead in your tracks and say - Ooh la la, Yasmin, you rock! :) What a stunner of a piece really :)

And: Gordana Mudri's AWESOME antique book box. I didn't even realize in the first glance that it was NOT a book! Kudos Gordana, for creating such a beautiful box, the gilding is perfect and it looks absolutely like a box from the outside! :)

Congratulations winners! Feel free to display the Heart Stealer winner badge in your blog/FB profiles.......and thanks for spreading beauty around :)

Love - Pritesh