Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heart Stealer 25

Hello All,

In the middle of all the Aadyaa rush, here are my picks for a quarter century of Heart Stealer Quilling designs :) The first winner is so seasoned a player at quilling that I needn't even mention anything about her prowess with the quill (oh my my, what phraseology :D).......

The first winner is Baukje from the country of dykes, who has kept me mesmerized with her creations for months on end. She has won the Heart Stealer before but this time, she bowls me over with the delicateness and elegance of her very Victorian pattern quilled tea-cup and saucer......with a spoon to go along :)

The second winner is no newbie to quilling either. His quilled Dutch windmill left not just me, but everyone spellbound. This time, Harold Nieuwenhuis is back with a Steam Engine, of all things! :) And what a steam engine :)

Winners, please feel free to grab your Heart Stealer Quilling Designs badge and display it on your FB Wall/Blog :) Congratulations Baukje and Harold :)

So, from the fragile Victorian tea-cup to a steam releasing locomotive, from Holland to USA, the only boundary quilling knows is that of your imagination.......let it loose, let us quill, let us be creative.....

Happy Quilling

Friday, January 18, 2013

Heart Stealer 24

Hello All,

After literally an eternity, I am back! Sorry for this break but Aadyaa Originals has been keeping me on my toes (and MORE!)..........

The heart stealers this week just truly deserve every bit of applause coming their way! The first winner is:

Bistra Toneva with her fiery lion! I don't think words are needed to let you know why :) The ferocity of the lion says it all!!!!!

The second winner this week is Lekha Justin's mindblowing symmetric design:

Winners, please feel free to grab the Heart Stealer badge and display it in your blog/FB profile :)

I wish I had the time to list out all the phenomenal works done by various people but I promise I will do better the next time round :)

Best wishes and keep the spectacular quilling coming :)