Monday, March 24, 2014

Heart Stealer 28

Hello All,

Yet another week of some beautiful quilling surfacing all around me and I am so glad that people are trying newer things! This week's winners have done very contrasting & different work!

The first winner is a lovely creation by Elena K, where she makes this BEAUTIFUL flower. Those tiny yellow tight coils are sheer brilliance! I loved them from the word go! And the leaves? Ahhhh! Amazing, amazing and amazing!

The next winner is Shweta Yadav, with her beautiful wall decoration of "FAMILY". Those swirls not only look effortless, they look exotic too.....

Both the winners are free to use the Heart Stealer badge to display on their profiles/blogs......congratulations and all the best for Future work :)

Other beautiful creations of the week gone by :)

Daniela Malcheva

Narmada Banu

Typically, jewellery takes a backseat on this blog but Narmada's work was so beautiful, I had to include it here :)

Debbie Brannen

Aditi Marathe Disa

Quilling Ada

Manuela Koosch

Keep Quilling


Monday, March 17, 2014

Heart Stealer 27 - Saphir & Simona

Hello All,

The world is filled with talented people doing some spectacular quilling and it is a visual and intellectual treat to be compiling them here!

The first winner for the past one week was kind of obvious! :D The amount of patience this lady has is breathtaking. One can't forget her Indian lady easily but she makes another masterpiece, in form of these irises.....and even goes ahead with a tutorial......

The 3 dimensionality of the irises is unmistakable and the artistic mastery, unparallelled! Congrats to Saphir for this wonderful, amazing creation!

The second winner today is another lady, who has been featured here before. It is testimony enough that she is back here.........a winner yet again! This time, she takes cuteness to a completely new level! With this cute ladybird couple, she wins hearts.......or, at least, mine ;)

The winners are free to display the badge on their pages/websites/blogs :)

Congratulations Winners :)

Keep Quilling - Pritesh